Tuition & Fees


Unlike most institutions of higher education, International Bible Training Center does not charge by the credit. Instead, there is a flat fee charged for each program level. There are no hidden costs or unnecessary add-ons.


The tuition for each certificate and diploma program is as follows:

Certificates $

Diplomas $


The tuition for each degree level is as follows:

Associate’s   $1000.00

Bachelor’s    $1695.00

Master’s       $2,250.00

Doctoral       $3,000.00

Accelerated Combination Degree Program

IBTC also offers accelerated Combination Degree Programs, which allows you to earn your combined BA, MA & Ph.D Degree in as little as 18 months or less.

For combination degrees, the tuition is as follows:

Associate's/Bachelor's                       $2050.00

Bachelor's/Master's                             $3,250.00

Bachelor's/Master's/Doctoral          $5,500.00

Low Interest Tuition Payment Plans

Full tuition is payable upon enrollment unless other arrangements are approved by the Business Office in advance. No student will be considered officially enrolled until satisfactory arrangements have been made. The institute recognizes that in some instances a definite need for installment payments of tuition exists and, therefore, allows students to pay the tuition in installments, after making a required down payment. Neither a diploma nor a transcript will be issued until the student’s obligation has been paid in full. All students must conform to their payment agreements.

We accept credit card, checks, cashier’s checks and cash as acceptable forms of payment towards tuition.

Refund Policy: IBTC has a No Refund Policy. All payments are non-refundable upon enrollment in any of our certificate, diploma and or degree programs.

Finance Your Christian Education

In partnership with --- Incorporation, IBTC offer our students affordable, convenient low interest tuition payment plans.

Did you know that the average tuition rate for a private, four-year college is $23,000 per year? Did you know that the average cost to attend a public four-year college is $6,000 per year? If these numbers seem staggering, take a deep breath. You can complete your degree with IBTC for as little as $1,695.00 for a 120 credit undergraduate degree and about $2,500.00 to complete Master’s graduate degree program. You do the math -- that's a whole lot of savings!


What's even more surprising is what students are paying in student loan interest. With a standard student loan with the typical 6.8% interest rate, you may pay an additional $76,000 in interest over 20 years of $700/month payments…. Wow!

Don't panic. Did you know that IBTC offers low interest tuition financing? That's right. Our easy, fast affordable, and convenient payment plan means you can pay for your education as you complete it. With monthly installment as low as $99.00, we'll work with you to make your education as affordable as possible because we believe in your calling. We see our tuition financing efforts as an investment in your life.

Here's why IBTC education is your best choice...

  • No high student loans
  • Tuition that's only a fraction of the average private Christian college
  • Affordable monthly payments that meet your budget



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