Free Online Certificate Program

International Bible Training Center in partnership with the Third Millennium Ministries(111M) is pleased to offer an online certificate of completion in Biblical Theology. 111M is not an educational institution and does not award academic credits or degrees. The program is totally free,however registration is required.


You can take the courses totally for free without credit. To receive academic credit for your studies you have to enroll to our low tuition paid program. When you enroll in our IBTC Free Bible College Program and you will be able to take all or any of the courses listed below as our free gift to you with no obligation. They are available for you to view or listen to immediately after receiving your registration.


Once you complete the Free Program, we will e-mail you a PDF Certificate of Completion with your name and the date you graduated and you will have the satisfaction of graduating from IBTC school of champions., however, you will receive NO college credits and NO transcript. Simply enroll in the Free Program and opt-out of receiving credit for your studies. 


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