Ministers Refresher Program


  Executive Pastoral Leadership Certificate I, II and III

When we survey the current situation in our churches and congregations in several part of the World, it is clear that many churches are no longer experiencing significant numerical and even spiritual growth.

So it’s obvious that we need a fresh fire in our pulpits as well as a fresh impetus in the pews. The truth is that we leaders as a matter of urgency need a fresh impartation and release of the anointing that allows for qualitative personal and spiritual growth and a stress free ministry. As ministers and Pastors, our relationship with the congregation is very different from that of other executive leaders. Managing structures, people and God’s resources entrusted in your hands- all require special and detailed attention and consideration on your part.

Today, we have a generation of people coming into pastoral leadership who are not adequately equipped for the challenge of the 21st century contemporary ministry. In answer to the need and cry from the hearts of many of God’s servant a forum for pastors to upgrade, interact, re-tool and refresh was created as MRP. The Ministers Refresher Program is specifically designed to meet your Pastoral needs, an opportunity to refresh your pastoral skills, review your vision and calling, update your convictions and get you propped up for greater success in life and ministry.

This is a program designed to cater for Bishops, Pastors, Associate Pastors and Ministry leaders.

The Ministers refresher Program helps Leaders and Pastors to have greater insights into their divine calling, ministry development, the priority of ministry, ministering to the oppressed and ministering in the Spirit- so they can have an effective, functional, fulfilled and successful pastoral ministry. I encourage you to take hold of these crucial opportunities to be reinvigorated, refreshed, and strengthened.


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  • Receive practical resources for your leadership in worship services, sermon planning, study pursuits, congregational life, and prayer ministry. 
  • Discover new practical insights into overcoming challenges of the leaders personal, public, and professional life.  


Pastoral Leadership Certificate I


  • How To Grow The Local Church
  • Sign & Wonders Today
  • Successfully Preaching & Teaching For Result
  • Financing The Kingdom/Biblical Financial Strategies


Cost:$325.00 + Shipping and handling                              



Pastoral Leadership Certificate II


  • The Five Fold Ministry
  • Planting New Church
  • How To Beat The Burnout Trap
  • Team Building

Cost:$325.00 + Shipping and handling




Pastoral Leadership Certificate III

  • Strategic Leadership
  • The Apostle-Understanding The Apostolic Culture and Revolution
  • The Church of The Future
  • The Prophetic Church


Cost:$325.00 + Shipping and handling



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We accept credit card, checks, cashier’s checks and cash as acceptable forms of payment towards tuition.


Refund Policy: IBTC has a No Refund Policy. All payments are non-refundable upon enrollment in one of our certificate, diploma and or degree programs.


Who should take the courses?

Church Leaders, Sr. Pastors & Associate Pastors, Bishops, Five -fold Ministries, Ministry Staff etc

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