Divine Healing


Learning To Do The Works of God 

Sickness and disease is playing havoc in the lives of people of God today. Lives, career, families and even ministries are devastated by ailment that cost hundreds and thousands of money. Sickness and disease has come to be accepted as the accepted way of life.

Medical science and doctors though a gift from God have taken the place of the word of God in many homes. There is no doubt in the mind of any God’s people that God can heal sickness, however the mind bogging questions are…Will God heal this as He did in the Bible days?

  • Is there not balm in Gilead to make the sick whole?
  • Where is the one who went about doing good and healing all they that were oppressed by the devil?
  • Where is the one who is the same yesterday, today and forever
  • Has He stopped forgiving all our sins and Healing all our diseases?
  • What will Jesus do if He was physically present in our midst today? 

IBTC – Accelerated School of Divine Healing seeks to address these lingering questions. Our God still heals and performs the miraculous. Sadly, the incorrect teachings and applications of the scriptures such as:

  • Teaching and using scriptures out of context.
  • Twisting Scriptures to apply to ones experience rather that to bring ones experience to line up with God’s word have all added to the weakening of the faith of many believers in trusting in Christ Jesus as the Healer who is able to heal all manner or disease. 

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. This course will help you do what Jesus Did. In this training sessions you will discover the step-to-step guide for experiencing the healing power of the Lord Jesus. At the end of the course, you will:

  • See wonderful dynamic results as God uses you in exciting new ways to do His works
  • Learn how to pray for the sick with authority and receive tangible results
  • Learn how to flow in the Healing Anointing and Grace
  • Learn how to pray for the inner healing of the past emotional wounds
  • Understand the basis and the laws governing the Healing Ministry.  

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