The Leadership Edge


For every leader there are a few defining moments - those times which in retrospect change the course of their ministry and shape who they are. This is one of those times. The objective of IBTC School of champions is to equip leaders to multiply ministry through mobilizing and equipping the lay leaders.


Our leadership training courses are designed for non experienced and experienced church or Para-church staff, including pastors, youth ministers, Christian education directors and leaders in market place. The training will be spent in interaction, application, and skill development not merely listening to lectures. You will have the time to assess where you are, determine where you want to be, and work on the skills and plans to take you there. 


Transforming ministries flow out of transformed leaders. Effective leaders are able to facilitate the cultural shifts needed to achieve their vision. Leaders on the verge of burnout need to learn to manage their stress more effectively and to be more intentional in achieving their goals. In order to arrive at a new destination in life or in career, we need leaders who can take us off the well worn path we've been traveling and out into new territory. International Bible Training Center School of Champions will help take you there. 


This training will help you: 


  • Discover how to make wise decisions and gain a clearer vision and direction for your ministry.
  • Develop a concrete strategy and plan to help it become a reality.
  • Experience true growth as a leader from the inside out, in your character, attitudes, skills and habits.
  • Learn how to give ministry away with confidence.
  • Learn how to build people and help them succeed.
  • Discover how you can have more time for you and your family and to pursue your dreams while serving a growing expanding ministry.
  • Develop principles for effective management of people resources.
  • Learn how to live with more purpose and passion and help others to do the same.
  • Be challenged to see and think in creative new ways. 



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