Success & Entrepreneurship


NSSE is a powerfully cutting edge curriculum for business owners and entrepreneurs or individuals preparing to launch a new business or ministry. This program provides an invaluable learning opportunity combined with the practical application of core success principles.


Each module addresses an important facet of business, offering a solid understanding of the principles effectively demonstrated by Nehemiah and now by successful entrepreneurs and market leaders. It is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs go from the conception of a new idea all the way to writing a business success plan and ultimately helping you to launch your new business or ministry successfully and in less time.


 It is also for leaders that have no clearly writing business growth plan but desire to grow their business or ministry. If you are looking to start a new business or ministry, or grow what you have already started, NSSE program will save you time and money and help reduce the risk. Each student will have the opportunity to create a “Working Success Plan” to accelerate performance in all areas of their life, ministry and or business.



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