Anger Management Certification Training

Anger Management Certification Training

IBTC is now offering a new and break though anger management certification training course. This innovative program is being used by counselors, schools, law enforcement, the military, prisons, jails, probation and parole and many other agencies to examine the root causes and solutions for the extreme anger and violence that is permeating our nation. The financial stress American’s are facing is enormous and is causing wide spread family problems and failures.

And now, for the first time, the STAXI 2 Anger Assessment Inventory has been made available to grass root Christian counselors, pastors, police officers, probation and parole officers, church leaders, youth ministers, prison and jail chaplains, and anyone else who works with people who have anger problems!

We live in one of the most dangerous societies the world has ever known and it is essential that we equip ourselves to contend with it. Nevertheless, once anger is understood, there are many ways to turn negative consequence behavior around for good in the lives of those who seem to be trapped in the at risk populations we work with.

Participants will learn how Brain Chemistry directly effects anger. The training will cover an extensive category of Anger topics and their Families of Origin. The uniqueness of this training is learning how to administer the STAXI 2 Anger Assessment Inventory tool with individual printouts for your clients. Upon completion of the training, a state recognized Certified Anger Management Specialist™ diploma will be issued. Never before have faith based counselors had access to this type of assessment inventory on a grass root level. You will also learn how to set up Anger Management groups for Probation Departments and other agencies who need places to send clients for Anger Management to earn extra income for your own ministry.

Anger Management: This course presents a comprehensive anger counseling and management program, with case examples, exercises, and easy to use client handouts.

You Will Learn…

  • How to market your Anger Management group ministry to Probation and Parole Departments
  • How to market the Conquering Anger groups to other agencies
  • How to market your Conquering Anger ministry to churches
  • How to market your workplace violence program to businesses
  • How to market the STAXI2 assessment tools to prevent school violence
  • How to market Conquering Anger to Fire, Police and Emergency Service Personnel
  • How to market the Stress Management portion of Conquering Anger
  • How to establish a non-profit corporation
  • How and what to charge for your services   

WORK ENVIROMENT: General and psychiatric hospitals, Substance abuse treatment facilities, Outpatient treatment centers, Social service agencies, Private practice etc.

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