Chemical Dependency Counselor


Become a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor

IBTC presents one of the most comprehensive educational courses ever to help counselors deal with America's blight of chemical dependency. How does one minister to an addicted society? What are the dynamics of addiction? Where did addiction begin? How can a counselor recognize the games addicts play? And much more...

                                                  A Country of Addiction

Chemical addiction is at every hand. The United States is 6% of the world's population and we consume 68% of the world's illicit drugs. This does not include addiction to prescription medications. A larger percentage of those who are incarcerated in many prisons across the country are because of drug related offenses.


 Enough is enough! It's time the faith community begins to learn how to counsel those ensnared by their addictions. The only real solution to this terrible bondage is a change and the healing of heart. The government can dole out money, but it cannot change hearts! This is a spiritual issue and Christian counselors who truly desire to become 'agents of change', must get to the root of their clients problem which is spiritual in nature. The 'established treatment industry' is a miserable failure. Faith Based Counselors have history and results on their side.

You will learn:


  • The Spiritual Dynamics of Addiction
  • Real Awareness to the Widespread Drug Problem
  • Responsibility "How to own your own stuff"
  • Drugs of Abuse Drugs and their Effects
  • The Danger of Alcohol
  • Signs of Becoming an Alcoholic
  • Discipline and Responsibility
  • Consequences and Accountability
  • How to Communicate with Addicts
  • How to Effectively Counsel the Addicted
  • The Anger and Addiction Connection
  • The Critical Steps of Intervention
  • Relapse Prevention
  • The Spiritual Mechanics of Recovery
  • Biblical 12 Step Principles
  • Total Family and Community Problem
  • How Enablers Can Kill Addicts
  • The Church Role and Responsibility   



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