The institute is committed to radical New Testament Christianity! Relevant without compromise. We uphold the person and power of the Holy Spirit as being fully for our times. This s what our Lord Jesus promised and as shown in the Book of Acts and the New Testament letters. IBTC has a strong evangelistic and mission oriented vision. Graduate and students have many ministry opportunities locally and internationally.

Prospective students & Friends,

IBTC is for all believers, from all affiliations and background. We live in a time when the need for skilled labor in the local church is becoming greater and greater. Every believer can become a fruitful worker, but they have to be trained, fostered, equipped and encouraged. That’s why you need to study the Bible.

Whether attending our resident class, online class, studying by correspondence or in any of our affiliate satellite schools, each course will make it easier for the Holy Spirit to mold, discipline and prepare you for your God-given assignment in life. We hope that the information here will answer questions you may have about our programs.

 Dr. Fred Omoruyi


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