International Bible Training Center aka School of Champion's mission is to train students in the word and in challenging practical service through impartation of knowledge,experience and the anointing. IBTC brings a balance between academic and practical approach to ministry. Our Mandate is to raise up an army of Holy Spirit anointed men and women who will disciple nations.

Our Curriculum is designed to take student beyond “mere information” to equipping where their participation is required. The participation to which students are challenged is that of spiritual reproduction. Our Lord final command was to go,reproduce spiritually and make disciples of all nations. IBTC training is for all believers,aspiring leaders and those in leadership who wants to be exposed to the practical “know how” on walking,ministering in the Spirit and fulfilling their God-given assignment.


will equip you to:

Be a soul winner with a global visio

Develop the call of God in your life

Function cross-culturally more effectively

Mature in your Christian Life

Overcome limitations & weakness

Be enthusiastic and effective in God's vision for the local church.

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