Instructors and Facilitators


Courses are taught by Christian professors, anointed ministers and experienced instructors. The president is an Apostolic minister with over 25 years of cross-culture mission experience in over 30 nations.

 Whether you just want to up-your- knowledge of God's word and gain general understanding to help you walk in daily victory or you are a ministry leader looking for a full program to help sharpen your ministerial skills, we have something for you!


Dr. John M. Frame

Dr. John M. Frame is Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.  

Dr. Reggie Kidd

Dr. Reggie Kidd is Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.  

Dr. Pratt 

Dr. Pratt taught at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS, and Orlando, FL, for 21 years. He also chaired the Old Testament Department in Orlando. He received a BA from Roanoke College, his M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary, and his Th.D. from Harvard University. Dr. Pratt has traveled extensively throughout the world to evangelize and lecture, including Australia, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Indonesia, Mexico, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States.  

Dr. Hans Bayer

Dr. Hans F. Bayer is Professor of New Testament and Chair of the New Testament Department at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO. Dr. Bayer received his M.A. and M.Div. from Ashland Theological Seminary, and his Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Born and raised in Germany, he taught for ten years at the German Theological Seminary at Giessen, where he also planted and co-pastored a church. Dr. Bayer lectures and preaches regularly in the U.S. and Europe. He has published English and German monographs, essays, and dictionary articles, primarily on the Gospels and the book of Acts.

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